A series of eight art packs developed for clients of the Alzheimer Society of Ireland. WHO: Hello, my name is Olivia Hassett.  I am an artist living and working in Dublin 24.  Over the past number of years, I have facilitated art with patients in Tallaght University Hospital and with a group of clients in… Continue reading ART@home


The journey begins

This blog explores the potential of art making together with those living with a dementia. Olivia Hassett explores some of the groundbreaking and exciting processes of co-creation through the development of THREE projects. Project 3 – ART@home art packs: In the past few months Olivia Hassett has drawn from her experiences of working alongside the… Continue reading The journey begins

Ready to deliver again soon….

Recently we have again found ourselves in a heightened place of restrictions and unease. For safety reasons Edel Byrne of the ASI has had to halt the delivery of the art packs to the clients homes.  We are both looking forward to the time when restrictions will ease to allow Edel to begin delivering the… Continue reading Ready to deliver again soon….

Initial feedback:

Initial feedback from the ASI clients for the ART@home packs is really positive.  The Christmas themed art pack went down a storm with the clients making some wonderful Christmas cards. Edel and all the ASI team are doing a fantastic job behind the scenes, gathering feedback, taking and sending me images of the clients receiving… Continue reading Initial feedback:

Delivery began in November:

In November Edel Byrne of the ASI collected 120 of the ART@home packs from my home.  The collections consisted of 30 of each of the first four art packs in the series of eight.  Edel then went about delivering the first batch of art packs to other ASI staff members for distribution to the various… Continue reading Delivery began in November:

ASI support

In October 2020 amidst much uncertainty and unease Edel Byrne from ASI and I met and chatted via zoom about how we could realize the ART@home project.  Both of us were very excited about the project and were eager to ensure that the project would run as smoothly and safely as possible for all concerned. … Continue reading ASI support

Inside ART@home1 art pack:

This first ART@home art pack is dedicated to wonder of watercolours! The ART@home1 pack contents include not only the art materials and art papers but also the additional elements to support the ART@home project. ART@home1 also contained a 16-page booklet that I designed. It gives some information on the materials, theme and offers inspiration for… Continue reading Inside ART@home1 art pack:

Introducing ART@home1

This is the first art pack in the series of eight. Funded by the Adelaide Health Foundation, supported by ASI, and designed by artist Olivia Hassett this art pack introduces the joy of working with watercolour paints. I am so excited to say that as of the middle of November 2020 this first art pack… Continue reading Introducing ART@home1

Workshop 8 blog post 5:

Art work outcomes from Workshop 8, 3D paper manipulation: As always these images are cropped versions of the final artworks. Exhibition in a few months in Rose Cottage, dates to be confirmed. Workshops kindly funded by the Adelaide Health Foundation, Community Health Initiative Scheme 2019 Supported by The Alzheimer’s Society of Ireland. Special thanks to… Continue reading Workshop 8 blog post 5: